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Great River Hydro, LLC (Great River Hydro) acquired TransCanada Hydro Northeast Inc.'s (TransCanada's) New England hydroelectric power portfolio on April 19, 2017.

Great River Hydro now owns and operates 5 hydroelectric projects regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers. These projects include 3 storage reservoirs and 13 generation facilities with over 584 MW of renewable power which is the largest conventional hydro system in New England. The licenses of 3 of these projects will expire on April 30, 2019. This website is a public source of information for the hydro relicensing process for the Wilder, Bellows Falls and Vernon Projects on the Connecticut River.

On October 31, 2012, the previous owner, TransCanada filed Notices of Intent and Pre-Application Documents to renew the operating licenses of our Wilder, Bellows Falls and Vernon Projects. This filing marks the beginning of a five year relicensing process for each project. These three hydro projects are an important part of our power portfolio, and we are committed to open and transparent engagement throughout the relicensing process.

Information about the relicensing of the three hydroelectric projects will be continually updated, and you can expect to find information about:


  • How you can participate

  • Individual projects

  • Regulatory documents

  • Scheduled meetings


Renewing the operating licenses of these three hydro projects is an opportunity to find the best balance between environmental, recreational, and power generation needs. The relicensing process is expected to take about five years to complete, which gives stakeholders plenty of opportunity to provide feedback and input. Building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders is an important aspect of our business. We strive to engage early and often.

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